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Foreign Trade Manger: Sam Su
C.E.O:Mr. SuLei
Skype: lyvia0217
Address: (Upstairs) 276 YiDe Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou,China 510120


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User Comment

kinger 2013-10-12 08:03:24
my no order 2013100724260
please reply me hoy to paymant use

and i want the package is track thx
2013-10-16 01:15:48   Administrator: lyvia  Reply:hi, email sent, please check. Any problems, please send email to
cp90qc 2013-09-01 14:46:06

I wanna know if the package is trackable?

2013-09-05 03:51:53   Administrator: lyvia  Reply:Hi, yes, sure it is trackable
Anonymous user 2013-08-09 07:41:06
hi good day, the prices are in dollars?? Make shipments to mexico?? I am interested in buying wholesale item with you, hope early reply thank you very much
mikado 2012-06-24 06:21:28
Hi I wanted to place an order but the shipping cost does not appear on the check out end, can I get a quote on the total payment (including shipping cost ) before I pay or at least approx cost(freight) based on $60.00 order ??
2012-06-25 00:39:18   Administrator: lyvia  Reply:Hey, the exact shipping cost can be known only after we finish packing, but usually we will give you an estimate shipping cost once your order is done
Anonymous user 2012-06-23 14:48:18
I tried to set up an account but we do not have MSN , we can not complete the log-in , what do we do?
thank you
2012-06-23 20:28:44   Administrator: lyvia  Reply:Hey, it is okay, you can just write down your available email address :)
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